Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well here we are in Philadelphia for the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza XVII (or some number close to that)! We set up for the show today without any hitches....Lots of vendors so we'll see how it goes in this area this year. Last year it was in Harrisburg - shd be better this year - a much more populated area to draw from. Hope to see you this weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in the Oaks area (Valley Forge). Check us out in Booth 831.

We've got a new 'homespun jacket' on display as well as a new sweatshirt called 'Chocolate Bouquet'. I'll have pictures tomorrow.

'Night for now - 'til tomorrow.

P.S. When we arrived at our hotel this p.m. everyone (staff and guests) was standing outside as this wailing fire siren was sounding off! Obviously everything checked out, but sure hope we're not disturbed at 3AM with another malfunction of the alarm!

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