Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cincinnati Setup

We arrived in Cincinnati around 10:30am on Wed. morning and had until 8pm to get this booth in shape!  This is the 'before', the part of the quilt show you never get to see.  Think we can do magic with all this stuff and transform it into an attractive Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe?

The 'after' took some doing and lots of time, but we did it! 

Attendance today was good, hoping for the same tomorrow, lots of good vendors here in Cincinnati.

Here is just one item we are debuting at this show........

Home Tweet Home

First you punchneedle the bird pattern, then you sew wool or muslin on the back and stuff the bird,  sew a button on for his eye, mount him on this old Singer oil can, stick some old rusty pins or needles in his head for his tuft and you've got a really unique pincushion.  We have several old oil cans available for those who purchase this pattern  I didn't realize there are so many people who collect pincushions.

The Pumpkin Farm 

You've seen these guys before but we now have samples made so you can see them in person!  What a bunch of bumpkins!

Well, it's time for bed so we can be bright and bushy tailed tomorrow morning, later..........

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