Friday, September 17, 2010


Hey, everyone,  here we are in Pottstown PA.  We had a couple days of R&R before we had to go to work and set up for the show in Oaks.  Did a little shopping and eating at the Outlet Mall and these power towers belching steam against the beautiful blue autumn sky loomed on the horizon everywhere we looked within 10 miles of Pottstown.

We encountered an interesting parking formation in downtown Pottstown, never seen anywhere before.  The main street was 2-way and had horizontal parking on one side and angle parking on the other side, but everyone backed into the angle slot.  Each side has a bicycle lane also.

The town has a big German influence, in fact my German relatives lived in this area in the late 1700's.
My great-great grandparents on my Dad's side are buried in the grave yard at the Reading Lutheran Church, just North of here.  Berks and Schuykill counties are mentioned over and over again in our genealogy papers.  Seitzinger is one of the main names and I see in the Pottstown phonebook there is one Seitzinger listed, I should call the number!

The quilt show is going well and we're half way through.  On Monday we head for home after an absence of two weeks. It'll be nice to sleep in my own bed again.

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  1. Enjoyed meeting you guys in Chantilly..hope all your shows are a success! Thanks for visiting my little blog!

    Janet xox