Saturday, February 5, 2011


Today we're working on this quilt which will be 63" x 74"
when finished.  Am using Moda's new line, Dominique II,
and their project sheet.  Beautiful browns, reds and blacks.  

Setting triangles for Moda's Dominique II - 63" x 74"

Squares and sashing

Sashing with 4-patch

This quilt is set on-point and it's going
together very quickly - more time was involved in
cutting and preparing the elements of the quilt. 
Da-da! First corner done!

I need a bigger design board.  I've only done
 two rows and as you can see it's already filled up!
Should be finished on Monday and then
to the Longarm!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics -- looks like it will be a gorgeous quilt!