Friday, March 18, 2011

Bali bowls

Here is a beautiful fabric bowl I made from 2 1/2" strips of 11 different fabrics from the Evening Mist line by Moda and 35' of clothesline using a Bali Bowl pattern.

 Bali Bowls pattern

It's fun and easy and you end up with a bowl to put 'stuff' in! 

Still in Lakeland FL, will leave tomorrow evening when the show ends and we get packed up.  Will miss the help from our Atlanta Road Crew but we'll drive for a couple of hours tomorrow evening and be home in NC by Sunday evening.  Bummer: yesterday someone walked off with nearly $100 worth of our inventory.  Good News:  if we have a decent day tomorrow it might turn out OK.

Later, y'all......

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  1. Bummer! Y'all need to hire me as a spotter!! Won't be at guild Monday night; dental surgery will have me major medicated but I will be looking for y'all at Paducah! Hugs! kt