Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Family Reunion Quilt

Here's an idea for a Family Reunion project for the quilters in your family!

Early this year we determined who wanted to participate.  There were 9 quilters so we each made 9 of the same block, signed them and sent one to each of the quilters with a challenge to make something really creative with these blocks and bring your finished project to the family reunion in August.

Well, I didn't have much time to be very creative (fact of the matter, I can't be very creative) but I did finish a small wall hanging and sent it off yesterday.  We can't go to the reunion but I'll be waiting for the mail to bring my ribbon ;)

I'll show pics when it is returned to me.  I'm thrilled that now I have a wall quilt with blocks made by quilting members of my family - a cousin, daughters, sisters, nieces and one of my granddaughters (actually she didn't get signed up in time so I put hers on the back with my quilt label).

The making of a family treasure!!!!

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