Thursday, May 3, 2012

Paducah, One Stop Shop-Hop, spring gardens

Well, the 3 Amigos (the staff from Auntie Ju's) got stranded in Asheville NC on Sunday on their way home from Paducah KY. The fuel pump went out in the truck. Good news the fuel pump is on a parts 'recall' list so it won't cost anything to have it replaced.  This was not on the schedule, of course, so 'when you're served up with a lemon, you make lemonade' - they're enjoying some 'R and R' and doing some sightseeing in Asheville!!

More good news is that they have a show near Asheville this weekend so they saved a lot of gas by not coming home and then back again. You can go see them MAY 4-5, 2012 - ONE STOP SHOP HOP, WNC Ag Center Expo Bldg., Fletcher NC. The show is open on Fri. 9am - 5pm and Sat. 9am - 4pm

It's hot here in Wilmington already and it's only the first of May.  The garden is looking good!

A beautiful Lace Queen Japanese Maple that I planted 6 years ago when it was just a stick in the ground.

 This year we're going to try our luck with some upside down tomato plants given to us by our daughter.

 And the 'million bells' never quit blooming until frost.

 Won't this hydrangea be spectacular when all those buds bloom!

The white gaura is flowing in the breezes.

Sorry, I can't get this picture to rotate, but who doesn't love the smell of the Confederate Jasmine
wafting along in the breeze. 

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