Monday, April 14, 2014

This notice is from AQS about a special display during Quilt Week in Paducah, April 23 thru April 26:

"It’s our (AQS) 30th Anniversary and we want all of our friends to celebrate with us!

That’s why we are so excited that the Tentmakers of Cairo are flying in from Egypt to be a part of the fun. Egyptian tentmakers hand appliqué stunning designs to canvas-backed cotton backgrounds. Through the sponsorship and support of the American Quilter’s Society, the U.S. is falling in love with these men and their work.

We are pleased to announce that Tentmakers Tarek Abdelhay & Hosam Hanafy will be joining us again in Quilt City USA®. Enjoy the demonstrations and camaraderie as these talented artists share their unique methods, designs, and use of color."

This is a sample of their work. And you must see this video on how the technique came to be (it is centuries old) and how it is accomplished. It's fascinating! These men appliqué at WARP speed!

If you're going to Paducah be sure to look up 'The Tentmakers of Cairo' to see the finished products.

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