Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet Sammi!

Meet the newest member of our staff, Samantha Carolina (that's what I call her, haven't heard her full official name yet). Julie's Golden Retriever puppy is called Sammi' for short. Here she's just 6 weeks old, but is growing by leaps and bounds and is now into her 'terrible twos' (two months that is), biting everything in sight. But 'this too shall pass', right?
She loves to hide among the bolts of fabric and then get your ankles and red toenail polish when you least expect it! The training is tedious, but we are making progress as she has learned to 'sit'.


  1. She is a cutie. The training might be tedious but you will be glad you did it.

  2. My Golden is 5 years old now and has calmed down. I do remember the terrible two's. :) these are great dogs. Full of love and life. Everyday is a party with a golden.