Friday, May 1, 2009

Welcome y'all to Auntie Ju's Quilt Shoppe blog

We're new to blogging so we'll try to make this interesting and share with you the latest in the quilting, wool applique and punchneedle worlds. If we can figure out how to put a video on this blog we might even demonstrate the art of punchneedle.

First, a little background of our company. When Julie started our online shop in 2007, we had lots of quilt and wall quilt kits and a few wool applique' kits and a little bit of punchneedle. As the business has evolved, we are offering fewer quilt kits, but more applique' kits (wool and fabric) and more punchneedle displays. We even have two Blocks of the Month going right now - one wool (Folk Art Album) and one using Moda fabrics (Love Letters - Blackbird Design). The art of applique' and punchneedle seem to be really popular right now!

We also carry Moda fabrics by the yard on our website and we currently have the some of the following lines: Dandelion Girl, Cranberry Wishes, Merry Bright, Holly Jolly, Hemming House, A Morris Garden, At Water's Edge, Birchwood Lane, Chelsea Boutique, Kashmir II, Neesha, Peace on Earth, Prairie Paisley, Ruby's Flower Garden, Snow Blooms, Symphony, Tamarack Grove, Heritage (Collection for a Cause), Portugal, Harvest Home, Wildflower Serenade II.

In our next post I will talk about the art of punchneedle. Until then, I leave you with these thoughts:

"A master in the art of living draws no shape or distinction between her work and her play.

Her labor and her leisure, her mind and her body, her education and her recreation, she hardly knows which is which.

She simply peruses her vision of excellence through whatever she is doing
and leaves others to determine whether she is working or playing.

To herself, she always seems to be doing both." Anonymous

Later, lettielulu

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