Saturday, July 23, 2011

Gardens, Show quilts, New products, Christmas in July

I've learned a lot about the 'flora and fauna' that live in my backyard this summer....they don't mix!!!!. Besides loving the Black Eyed Susan (see the very end of my last post for my 'grief in the garden' saga), my two resident rabbits also consume Sweet Potato Vines, Impatiens, and another perennial whose name escapes me at this time.  On a more positive note they do feast on the seeds that fall from the bird feeder.

Crepe Myrtles

Million Dollar 

Auntie Ju's has been to the Quilter's by the Sea Quilt Show in Wilmington NC, and the AQS Show in Knoxville TN since we've last talked.  The Knoxville show is held at a wonderful venue, the Knoxville Convention Center, it's easy in and out for the vendors and there was very good please tell me why they think they need to change the show and take it to Grand Rapids MI next year!

Grounds around the Knoxville Convention Center.
On Saturday there were many locals visiting 
the center and enjoying the serene surroundings.

Here are some quilts from the Wilmington Show 
and we'll let the ribbons speak for quilts!

Count 'em - five ribbons!

 Done with fused 5/8" squares
 and looks like pixels up close.

Cute child's quilt!

Here are some quilts from the Knoxville Show
and again we'll let the ribbons speak for the quilts! 

Grey whole cloth with white embroidery

Best of show 

and last but not least
my personal favorite!

the title of this one is
"Does he make my butt look big?"

We introduced some new products at these shows.

Garden Walk, small wool quilt on stand

Civil War Quilt 'Chattanooga' throw

Mary Ellen's Garden
traditional piecing with a wool appliqué center

Sweet Summer Time, wool table mat

Pinwheel Blossoms, wool table mat

We've planned a 'Christmas in July' sale starting Monday, July 25 through Suday, July 31, so please check  our website for some really good bargains. 

This has been a long one, thanks for sticking with me to the end.  In the next few days I'll tell you all about the 
Civil War Block of the Month planned for 2012, the project offers something for everyone. 


  1. Gorgeous, beautiful lovely quilts.....thanks for sharing the pics, WOW...all of the quilts are so very pretty, I'm sure they were wonderful to see up close. I will be awaiting your sale on Mon.

  2. Wilmington has some of the prettiest quilts of any show I've ever been to. We have many talented women. Thanks to Quilters by The Sea for their annual show!