Friday, April 5, 2013


OMG, it's April and I haven't posted for over a month! Well let's see, what's been going on at Auntie Ju's since then?

First of all, like everyone else in the country we're awaiting the arrival of 'spring'! It just won't break here in Wilmington. The dogwood tree outside our kitchen window is usually in full bloom by the end of March, but right now it is just starting to get some green leaves and it's hard to realize that in 2 short weeks, on April 15th, it will be time to put out the feeder for the Hummingbirds. Maybe they will bring warm weather from the South.

In March we were in Charlotte and Lancaster and we thank you all for stopping by to shop in our booth. Those two shows were great and we met many new friends along the way.

Right now we're preparing for the International Quilt Show in Cincinnati starting April 11 thru the 13th. We've got some beautiful new patterns for quilts for the bed or for the wall that you might want to stop by and check out.

'Life in the Midwest' - English paper piecing and appliqué - 84" square - this one was listed in our newsletter that went out a few days ago and it's already 'sold out'!!                                                                              

'Brookshire Star' - Raw edge machine appliqué - 56" square

And this darling little pincushion, the second in our Primitive Pincushion Series ('Snowman' was the first).
But,'re just going to have to imagine it right side up.  I have tried everything I know to get this picture up in the right direction.  Before I move it into the blog it is right side up but when it comes into the blog it is upside down.  Please don't hurt yourself standing on your head in an attempt to see it properly! ;)


Click on the word flower and you can see it right side up ;)  And many thanks to all the Brunswick Quilters who attended our workshop on wool appliqué recently.

Also, here are some new ideas!  Instead of making a quilt for your bed, try a 'Quilt Picture' or a 'Quilt Square' to decorate your home!

The 2013 Spring Issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects will be out soon and here is a preview of our version of a cute pillow called, 'Al, the Owl', one of the many patterns in the magazine.  It's all done in wool appliqué mounted on a wool background.

.Isn't Al cute?
he'll be on our website and we'll have kits available soon

Another show this month is the big AQS Show in Paducah, April 24 thru 27.  So if you're in the Cincinnati or Paducah areas this month you'll have two chances to come by and say 'hello'.

That's all for today folks! 

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